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3d games and online chat rooms! Switchin Chat is one of the most popular online chat mmo with over 1.5 million visits a month. Check out the chat rooms and meet some new friends in our 3d game environments. Shockwave is required for this game. Come back often to see the updates to our games as we update frequently!

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Logging in

We are offering a free service here that doesnt require you to download a client so you can instantly join the fun with people all around the world! Just click the "Guest" button and enter in your name. From there you will be taken into a customization room so you can change the appearance of your character. There are tons of ways to make your character look unique! Dress up your character in a variety of fun ways!


You can walk around the world using the arrow keys and use the mouse right button to change the camera rotation. At the bottom of your screen is the chat bar where you can type and everyone in the room will hear what you say. As well there are three buttons on the chat bar. The globe button will teleport you to a variety of fun 3d locations. The smile button will let you goof off with silly animations, try them out and see what you can do! The little figure icon will take you back to the customization room where you can change your outfit as many times as you like! Enjoy the fun and free 3d chat games here at Switch In