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Want to Link to our game? Please read the following

Linking Policy

Sanity Check Entertainment (Switchin.net) has a very progressive linking policy that we encourage other websites to link directly from their websites. We allow for direct links and for games to be embedded in other websites using IFRAME's provided that the website or webmaster follows these Rules and Guidelines: 

1. Our ads must be shown clearly under the games. These are 728x90 Leaderboard ads. Any effort to hide or obscure these ads is a direct violation of the linking policy. 

2.If you choose to link directly to our game or games with the IFRAME code, the minimum size of the window is 728 x 600 to leave adequate room for the game and advertising

3. Websites will not misrepresent ownership or authorship of Switchin.net games

4. If you intend to link directly using the supplied IFRAME code you must notify us and we reserve the right to block the direct link if we disagree with the content of your site. Your website must not contain any offensive, racist or pornographic material. You can contact the Switchin staff here




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